The problem with half-way governance for KM

KM Governance on its own is like a half-built bridge. It gets you nowhere. Half built bridgecc-by-sa/2.0 – © David Lally – KM governance is a crucial part of KM, and much of the new ISO KM standard deals with issues of governance, such as leadership, support, and the creation of a KM

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Shared by Nick Milton January 17, 2019

The organisations for which KM is not important

There are a few cases where Knowledge management is not needed in an organisation, and where the organisation need not bother with KM. Image from These are as follows. When you have a monopoly, so that normal business pressures do not apply to you. You do not need to

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Shared by Nick Milton January 16, 2019

The importance of "learning urgency"

How urgent is learning in your organisation? Image from wikimedia commons When I give my Knowledge Management Training courses, I start proceedings by presenting three stories from organisations who are doing knowledge management, showcasing some of the benefits KM can bring. I then ask the class to discuss the stories,

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Shared by Nick Milton January 15, 2019

Top 10 blog posts of 2018

Thank you for your support for this blog in 2018 – here is a review of the year, and our Top 10 posts from 2018. More posts will follow in 2019 Support for this blog has been fairly steady during 2018, although trends suggest that it is now viewed more

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Shared by Nick Milton January 1, 2019

End-of-year break

Image from wikimedia commons This blog is taking an end-year break. Happy Holidays to all our readers; normal service will be resumed in January View Original Source ( Here.

The Gorilla illusions and the illusion of memory

Here is a reprise from the archives – a post primarily about the illusion of memory. The story here from Chabris and Simons raises some disturbing issues about the trustworthiness of tacit knowledge over a long timescale. Gorilla 2 Originally uploaded by nailbender I have just finished reading The Invisible

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Shared by Nick Milton December 13, 2018

The risks when an algorithm takes your job

An interesting Forrester blog highlights some of the risks of process automation image from wikimedia commons We live in a world where automation is beginning to impact knowledge work, in the same way that it impacted manual work in the last century.  On the one hand this is great news

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Shared by Nick Milton December 12, 2018

A timeline of KM at McKinsey

McKinsey is one of the leading Knowledge Management organisations in the world. Here is how they got there. Image from wikimedia commons I have referred to McKinsey a few times on this blog, describing their approach to knowledge centers, and some of the KM roles they have in place. McKinsey

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Shared by Nick Milton December 11, 2018