How the Australian Emergency Services manage lessons

Taken from this document, here is a great insight into lesson management from Emergency Management Victoria.   Emergency Management Victoria coosrinates support for the state of Victoria, Australia during emergencies such as floods, bush fires, earthquakes, pendemics and so on. Core to their success is the effective learning of lessons from carious

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Shared by Nick Milton March 16, 2018

What Google Trends really tells us about KM popularity

Again yesterday I was corresponding with someone who used Google Trends as an argument that KM was dying. Taken at face value this view is understandable. The google trends plot for KM decreases over time as shown below, showing a steady reduction in relative searches for the term “knowledge management”

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Shared by Nick Milton March 15, 2018

Using a "pretend customer" in knowledge capture reviews.

When capturing knowledge, sometimes its useful to have a pretend customer you can introduce.  Image from wikimedia commons I have blogged about the need to write knowledge as if it were for a “knowledge customer”, and to “document for the customer” when capturing knowledge.  But what do you do if nobody

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Shared by Nick Milton March 14, 2018

Example KM policy – AVANGRID

Here’s a great principles-based KM Policy Avangrid is a US-based service company in the Energy Market. Their website says “Our 6,800 employees collaborate to deliver projects that power America’s future, provide clean energy and improve customers’ lives and communities”. To support this collaboration, they recently published this Knowledge Management Policy,

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Shared by Nick Milton March 13, 2018

Is KM dead? Further evidence of life

We often hear claims that KM is dead or dying, but what does the hard data say? The “KM is Dead” meme is one with a long history; see articles from 2004, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016 to choose but a few. It still seems to resurface several times a year; usually when

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Shared by Nick Milton March 12, 2018

Why good Titles are important in KM

If you want knowledge in a lesson, post or knowledge article to be found, give it a good title. One of the occasional recurring themes of this blog is the importance of Knowledge findability. Knowledge needs to be used in order to add value, and before it can be used

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Shared by Nick Milton March 9, 2018

3 key roles in a KM pilot project

To achieve success in a KM pilot, there are three major roles that need to be in place. Blickling Hall, Gardens and Park by Martin Pettitt, on Flickr KM pilot projects are when you take Knowledge Management out into the business, and “try it for real”. They are a public

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Shared by Nick Milton March 8, 2018

What are the outputs of the KM workstream?

KM organisations need a Knowledge workstream as well as a Product/Project workstream. But what are the knowledge outputs? I have blogged several times about the KM workstream you need in your organisation; the knowledge factory that runs alongside the product factory or the project factory.  But what are the outputs

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Shared by Nick Milton March 5, 2018

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