Embedding KM through accountabilities

Work gets done because people are accountable. KM also will get done if individuals are given accountability. Work gets done because people are accountable. They are given a job, and they do their job. Where I have seen KM really live for a long time in organisations, it is because

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Shared by Nick Milton July 17, 2018

When writing about KM, ditch the long words

Knowledge Management is a simple concept, let’s explain it in simple words. So much of Knowledge Management is about communication; the communication of knowledge, solutions, work-around, tips and hints, the communication of concepts and ideas. Communication to stakeholders is the main thing we do as part of the change management

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Shared by Nick Milton July 16, 2018

Keeping a decision log as an aid to learning

A decision log can be a useful tool in learning, and as part of a KM system Many projects and many non-project bodies maintain a decision log, to keep track of, and to publish, the major decisions which have been made. This allows you later to revisit the decisions, and

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Shared by Nick Milton July 13, 2018

What does embedded KM look like?

Embedded KM is as normal as any other embedded work practise, such as budgeting or time writing. People often ask “what does embedded KM look like? The answer is that it looks like any other embedded management discipline. It’s a work habit – something you dont think twice about. Just

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Shared by Nick Milton July 12, 2018

Knowledge Management Survey report – now free access

We have decided to open the results of our KM Survey to the public. In April 2014, and again in April 2017, Knoco Ltd conducted a global survey of Knowledge management activity and trends. Participation was free and confidential, and all participants received a free Knowledge Management Survey report. Over

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Shared by Nick Milton July 11, 2018

How long does it take to implement KM?

Knowledge Management can be started quickly, but takes a long time to fully embed. Here are two sources of data that show exactly how long. Over the past few years we have helped many organisations to┬ábenchmark┬átheir “current status” of Knowledge Management. They ask for this for a number of reasons.

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Shared by Nick Milton July 9, 2018

According to one article, there are 3 main traps a KM implementation can fall into. Traps, by Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble, on Flickr The article is in a study on Enabling Communities of Practice at EADS-Airbus. One of the articles in this study, by Marleen Huysman and Dirk de

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Shared by Nick Milton July 6, 2018

Optimise for speed in KM, not production quality

KM should focus primarily on getting knowledge out quickly, and worry about production quality later S is for Speed, by Ansgar Koreng on Flickr Here is an interesting article from the customer-service wing of KM, entitled “5 ways to use team knowledge to do better work”. The one that struck

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Shared by Nick Milton July 5, 2018

How KM helped England learn from history and beat Colombia

Sometimes learning from personal failure is the way to win. Gareth Southgate in despain after missing the penalty in 1996,an event which indirectly led to Englands win last night. Last night England beat Colombia in the Football World Cup quarter final. The game was decided on a penalty shoot-out –

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Shared by Nick Milton July 4, 2018

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