When "cutting corners" in KM destroys value

Here is a sad story, about how trying to save costs in KM destroyed value. The moral of the story is about hopw bring people together face to face and letting them experience the knowledge for themseves, in context, established the necessary credibility for re-use. The organisation in question had

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Shared by Nick Milton June 15, 2018

Does working more efficiently mean working less safely?

One of the arguments for Knowledge Management is that it helps people do their jobs more quickly. But does this compromise quality or safety? I blogged recently about how Knowledge Management can reduce both cost and time without compromising quality and safety. This is very counter-intuitive, and many times over the past 20

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Shared by Nick Milton June 13, 2018

A new way to look at knowledge and information

The relationship between knowledge and information has always been problematical. Here is a new way to look at it. The Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom pyramid is a very common diagram in the KM world, but despite its ubiquity and simplicity it has many problems: It implies that each class can be turned into

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Shared by Nick Milton June 12, 2018

The Long Tail of experience in communiies of practice

Part of the value of communities of practice is proividing access to the Long Tail of experience There is a tendency in many companies to see Knowledge as being the province of the Experts. As a result, they set up expert centres to look after the knowledge, and expert networks

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Shared by Nick Milton June 11, 2018

short blog silence

I will be in Jakarta much of this week, so expect blog silence for a few days View Original Source (nickmilton.com) Here.

Building DWP’s Delivery Manager Community (video)

Here is a nice Youtube video about the launch of a community of practice for Delivery Managers at the UK Department for Work and Pensions. It’s good to see the energy this event created, as well as the opportunities for knowledge sharing. You can read more about their community of

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Shared by Nick Milton June 1, 2018

Will AI replace KM?

My answer is No, for the following reasons. image from wikipedia I have been working in Knowledge Management for a long time now, and the history of KM includes examples of one technology after another claiming that it will replace KM or make it obsolete. Yet KM is still here.

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Shared by Nick Milton May 31, 2018

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