KM job vacancy in Stockholm

Knowledge Management Manager, Stockolm, Sweden Here’s a great opportunity at Electrolux in Stockholm for someone who is familiar with knowledge management in the customer service context View Original Source ( Here.

Apologies for blog silence

This blog is temporarily suspended for personal reasons. I hope to resume normal service before too long. View Original Source ( Here.

10 things best-in-class KM companies have in common

There are many things that the world leaders in KM have in common. Here are 10 of them. Free image from Max Pixel A focus on know-how, and providing know-how to the decision makers at all levels. The leaders in KM know that the end goal of KM is providing

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What does a Director of Knowledge Management for a legal firm do?

This month there were two “Director of KM” jobs advertised on linked-in.  Let’s see what this job entails. Word cloud from the responsibilities list “Knowledge Management” is a poorly defined term, and Knowledge Management jobs can range from low level data-entry clerks to high level strategic posts, and anything in

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What’s the "white space" occupied by KM?

One of the issues involved in developing the ISO standard for Knowledge Management has been the definition of the “White Space” KM occupies. After all, if Knowledge management is to add any value as a discipline, it must cover areas not already covered by other disciplines. This was the main

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8 arguments for having a KM Policy

What’s the point of having a KM Policy? Here are 8 arguments in favour. There comes a time when a KM strategy has done its job, and that’s when you need a KM policy.  Your Knowledge Management strategy is a strategy for change – a strategy for introducing the culture,

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Is your knowledge base more like a sock drawer or a supermarket?

There are three models for a knowledge base – which one is most like yours? Your online Knowledge base is where you store your documented knowledge, It is a repository – but more than that, it is a knowledge resource for others. Someone looking for documented knowledge comes to the knowledge base

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4 KM implementation lessons from Hoffman-LaRoche

Here are some useful lessons on KM implementation.   Taken from this article, here’s some lessons on KM implementation from the Hoffman-LaRoche experience. I quote “First, managers hoping to make a difference through better knowledge management should start by focusing on the right problem. Patricia Seemann chose a spot that was

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