Head of KM – example job description

Another example role description for you, this time for the Global head of KM for Herbert Smith freehills, the massive multinational law firm (found on LinkedIn). It’s a really nice job description, with a good focus on the overall objective of the role (bullet point 1) and on change management

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50 shades of knowledge management reprieved

To mark the return of this blog after a short hiatus, here is another popular post from the past, first published 5 years ago.   The knowledge management world is large and complex, with many different understandings of what the term means, and what it encompasses. Here is a first-pass

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The ISO KM draft standard is now available

After a couple of years of development, the ISO KM standard (ISO 30401) is now open for discussion of the first committee draft. You can buy a copy of the draft standard from the ISO site for 58 swiss francs, or your own national standards body may allow you to view

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KM job vacancy in Stockholm

Knowledge Management Manager, Stockolm, Sweden Here’s a great opportunity at Electrolux in Stockholm for someone who is familiar with knowledge management in the customer service context https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6334402671272873985 View Original Source (nickmilton.com) Here.

10 things best-in-class KM companies have in common

There are many things that the world leaders in KM have in common. Here are 10 of them. Free image from Max Pixel A focus on know-how, and providing know-how to the decision makers at all levels. The leaders in KM know that the end goal of KM is providing

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What does a Director of Knowledge Management for a legal firm do?

This month there were two “Director of KM” jobs advertised on linked-in.  Let’s see what this job entails. Word cloud from the responsibilities list “Knowledge Management” is a poorly defined term, and Knowledge Management jobs can range from low level data-entry clerks to high level strategic posts, and anything in

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