A simple picture to link KM and continuous improvement

Knowledge Management is the discipline that drives continuous improvement. Here is a diagram that makes this clear We are all familiar with the link between Knowledge and continuous improvement in our personal lives, as demonstrated by the familiar saying “Practice Makes Perfect”. The more we do something, the better we

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Shared by Nick Milton March 29, 2019

When knowledge sharing becomes collaboration

There is a step in the maturation of communities of practice when their focus shifts from knowledge sharing to collaboration Working together, a photo by Hepcat75 on Flickr. Collaboration is an unnatural act in humans. We are tribal animals, and all our instincts lead us to see life in terms

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Shared by Nick Milton March 27, 2019

Is the Coca Cola recipe knowledge, or information?

This is a reprise and update of an old post, which visits an even older KM argument.  CocaColaLabel, a photo by purpleslog on Flickr. There was a heated discussion a while ago on one of the LinkedIn forums, entitled “Is the Coca Cola recipe knowledge, or information?” There were, as

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Shared by Nick Milton March 26, 2019

Every lesson is a story

Capture your lessons as stories, that way they will be remembered more easily. Native American Storytelling. Photo By: Johnny Saldivar One of the way humans learn is through stories. Stories can Inform, Educate, and/or Entertain (transmit information, knowledge, and entertainment) and some of the best stories do all three. A

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Shared by Nick Milton March 25, 2019

The human bias behind group-think

There is a real human bias that drives us to agree with each other, which can drive group think and false consensus  The power of social proof climbs rapidly with the number of people involved.From the Solomon Asch study Why are “canned laughter” tracks so common on TV comedies?  We

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Shared by Nick Milton March 22, 2019

10 tasks for the KM team when KM implementation is complete

When KM implementation is over, the KM team still has a job of work to do Implementing Knowledge Management is a long project of culture change, and the introduction of a new management framework (roles, processes, technologies, governance).  The Knowledge Management team’s initial role is to design and introduce the

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Shared by Nick Milton March 20, 2019

The "Designing Buildings" wiki

The “Designing Buildings” wiki is a nice example of managed industry knowledge The Designing Buildings Wiki, pictured below and explained above, is a wiki for the construction industry. It is active – with 5 million users, 14 million page views per year, and plenty of new edits and content added in

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Shared by Nick Milton March 18, 2019

CKO appointment – internal or external?

A common question when implementing Knowledge Management  – should your KM team leader, or CKO, be an internal appointment, or should you look externally to fill the role? There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, as I explain below. Internal appointment As we have often said, Knowledge Management is a simple

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Shared by Nick Milton March 15, 2019