Lesson learning in the US Army – example from Haiti

Army learning is not just about fighting battles – here’s an example from disaster response Marines hand out rations in Haiti, by Marines Relief, on Flickr In 2010, the US Army was called in to provide humanitarian aid, including food and shelter, after a category 7 earthquake in Haiti. This

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Shared by Nick Milton February 18, 2019

Lessons Learned, or lessons lost?

Are you learning lessons, or losing lessons? Kizar [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons A Lesson is an Investment It might take a project team of 10 people, one day to create, through facilitated discussion, ten high-quality lessons. So each of these takes one man-day to create; say £500 – plus

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Shared by Nick Milton February 15, 2019

Knowledge Management and modularisation

KM can support the approach of “modularised standardisation” Cargo Truck by Brickset on Flickr I wrote a blog post a few years ago about the powerful synergy between Knowledge Management and standardisation.  Knowledge Management, and the relentless focus on learning from experience, can very quickly drive the development of standard

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Shared by Nick Milton February 13, 2019

Can you outsource KM support?

Are there any parts of KM support you can outsource? If so, which parts? You have a successful Knowledge Management program under way. All is going well, but you are under increasing pressure with requests from the business, and you don’t have enough resources to respond to the demand. You

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Shared by Nick Milton February 12, 2019

How "KM technology Push" failed at Engico

Implementing technology alone is often a reason for KM failure, and here’s a prime example. Grochim [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], from Wikimedia Commons One of the early successes of Knowledge Management was the Ford “best practice replication” system, known as BPR – a system for identifying, sharing and re-using process enhancements

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Shared by Nick Milton February 11, 2019

How much can a knowledge manager earn?

Here is another review of Knowledge Management salaries from various salary-comparison sites See similar posts from 2018, 2016, 2014, 2012 From Glassdoor we see an average salary of £46k (US$60k) and a range from £30k to £69k (US$39k to 90k) From IT jobs watch we get a bunch of useful stuff, though it

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Shared by Nick Milton February 8, 2019

How the coastguard seeks input to lesson learning

Public organisations can learn from the coastguard when it comes to getting wide scale input to lesson learning US coastguard units train on Lake Ponchartrain by  Coast Guard on Flickr Any public organisation, especially one with an element of high priority service, needs a lesson-learning process to improve that service. The

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Shared by Nick Milton February 7, 2019

Nelson Mandela, and the value he placed on Knowledge

This is a story I have reposted a couple of times, because its so uplifting to read of a World Leader who values Knowledge so highly. Image from wikimedia commons The text below is taken from the outstanding book “playing the enemy”, by John Carlin – a book about the

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Shared by Nick Milton February 5, 2019